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The D1 Training Franchise Culture

The D1 Training Franchise Culture

Our owners, trainers and coaches are all focused on making the best athletes possible

For Taylor Scott, D1 was the place he went to find a path after his NFL career was cut short. Brian Mohr became a D1 customer with a torn labrum and grew into one of our biggest brand champions. To Steve Snider, D1 exists at the intersection of his professional and spiritual life.

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The old adage “there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’” is true, but teams are by their nature made up of groups of individuals, each of whom has a particular goal, desires, dreams and motivations.  Each of these franchisees exemplify just how much a part of the D1 team our owners become — and how well our business incorporates the idea of teamwork.

From a focus on training like an athlete, providing a path to recovery, or giving something back to the community, D1 Training franchise culture is unlike anything else in franchising. Here’s what Taylor, Brian and Steve have to say about our culture.

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Feel like an athlete again with elite athletic training

Taylor Scott was an All-American college ball player who played both in the NFL and the CFL. After a series of injuries cut short his NFL career, Taylor found his life lacked an important component — the camaraderie of the collegiate and NFL training experience.

He remembered D1 Training from his NFL Combine Prep, and he had worked with D1 when there were only five locations. He knew they were expanding, so he decided to unite his business and sports educations into a single effort. D1 provides Taylor with a fulfilling career that feeds his desire to grow team sports and training for elite athletes.

“If you want to go to a place where you could train as an athlete or bring out your inner athlete, D1 is the place for it,” says Taylor, who owns D1 Training of Tampa. “Adults who want to train in a more progressive, professional and results-oriented environment can actually train like an athlete, look like an athlete and feel like an athlete with D1.”

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The team atmosphere extends beyond the gym and into the community

Brian Mohr worked in restaurants for years as a district manager for a large pizza chain where he observed the important role businesses play in shaping communities. Through youth sports and volunteer efforts, businesses become a vital source for cultural development.

After a torn labrum sidelined him, Brian found his way to D1 Training via one of our facilities featuring physical therapy on site. He immediately fell in love with both the workout structure and the business. He quickly got involved with a corporate-owned facility and became a brand ambassador for D1. He also became our National Director of Training.  Today, as the owner of D1 Training of Columbus, Ohio, Brian has forged synergies with other health- and wellness-oriented businesses in the Columbus area.  

“Having that in the workout structure of really building the relationships not only with the staff but with the other members, you really become part of a family, a family that quickly grows outside of your four walls,” Brian says. He’s forged partnerships with area massage therapists, nutrition stores and other like-minded businesses. He’s seen the Columbus fitness community grow up around D1. “Now, instead of just the people who are looking for D1 and coming to D1, we have people coming in who see it as a partnership and help drive that business.”

D1 offers a vision that fits well with a mission

It’s pretty apparent when you step into any D1 Training location that the people there are on a mission. They’re dedicated to the transformative power of athletic training. Otherwise, they wouldn’t put in the work to fulfill that mission. In the case of Steve Snider, in Little Rock, D1 not only delivered for people on a mission, the model was a perfect fit for his commission — as a minister.

Steve works through mentorship and youth sports programs to help instill strong character in Little Rock youth. He’s built youth mentorship programs and other faith-based initiatives, including a youth sports program. When it came time for that program to expand into a facility, Steve considered building his own from scratch. Then, he found D1 and realized that the character skills he was attempting to instill there were the same skills found at D1.

“I loved the vision that Will gave me of offering a level of training an athlete gets in a D1 institution like he and Peyton Manning enjoyed at Tennessee,” says Steve. “I also love the fact that the foundation of it was character based and character driven. The D1 character shirt lists some of the traits we promote with our athletes. These things — the importance of character, of good attitude, integrity and discipling — these fit perfectly with Life CHAMPS. And I love that they’re the foundation of D1. I found a resonance there.”

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If you’re committed to athleticism and the transformative power of teamwork, D1 Training franchise is the kind of potentially lucrative growth business you’re looking for. Find out more about our growth markets and what makes a great D1 Training location by continuing reading. Or apply to become the next D1 owner today.

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