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Where Are Available Growth Markets?

Where Are Available Growth Markets?

Anywhere there are people with goals, there’s a place for a D1 Franchise

Look around your community and chances are you’ll see a lot of youth athletes on practice fields, joggers on sidewalks and more than a few cyclists on the roads. Now, more than ever before, Americans are getting serious about physical fitness — and with good reason.

The CDC estimates that 37% of the American population is obese, with a total of more than 70% overweight. At the same time, Americans themselves are tackling the problem and driving gym memberships through the roof. In fact, the American gym and fitness industry is a $30 billion behemoth, and boutique fitness — specializing in providing upscale services, unique offerings or environments, or high-end techniques and equipment — are the fastest growing segment of the gym landscape.

Take another look around your community, and you’ll begin to see the market for D1 franchises in your community. We’ve worked to identify certain key factors that make D1 Training a great fit. Consider these factors when you’re looking at bringing a gym franchise to your community:

  • Community size: While D1 franchises work in a variety of community sizes, we thrive best in metropolitan or suburban communities with sizable populations (150,000+) and an active business and commercial sector
    D1 franchises offers fitness coaching to athletes of all ages.
  • Youth sports participation: So much of D1 Training franchise recruitment comes through team sports at the youth level, with strength and conditioning training classes, that a vibrant youth sports community is a sizable plus
  • Collegiate athletics programs: While it’s not a necessity to be in a college town, having the home team just up the road certainly helps. Communities with college athletics programs tend to show a larger commitment to personal fitness than communities without them — and all of those former D1 athletes at the college become potential D1 Training clients when their playing days have ended
  • A significant population with expendable income: Because our sports franchise focuses on providing boutique services that cost more than a typical big box gym, it’s important that you locate your D1 Training franchise in a community with sufficient numbers of individuals who can afford the services we provide. Not everyone can shell out $130 or more for a gym membership, and that’s an important consideration
At D1 franchises groups of men and women work together to achieve their athletic goals.

Other factors come into play, as well, including real estate, lease costs, available staffing and the like. While we believe D1 Training franchise is a good fit for almost any community, it’s a great fit for some. Along the way, you’re not going it alone either. Keep reading to learn more about how D1 Training franchise helps owners position themselves for success.

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