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How D1 Training Franchises Attract Loyal Members

Helping transform members into the athletes they want to be

D1 Training stands out from competition in the quality of service we provide and the dedication our members show for their health and fitness training.

That’s why D1 members pay as much as $300 a month to become a D1 athlete and train in our facilities with our coaches. Whether they’re a former competitive athlete looking to restore athleticism or a family with multiple children competing in travel or school sports, our members are different from the keycard gym members, as D1 Training President Mike Abramson explains.

“D1 focuses on providing a higher level of workout and training than you find in other gym franchises, and that’s because we know the value of the kinds of training elite athletes receive,” he says. “With D1, we’ve duplicated the programs of large colleges and professional sports teams, all with a goal of helping our athletes become their most competitive, reach their best possible shape, and achieve the goals they’ve set out for themselves.”

D1 Training is a membership-based training facility and boutique fitness franchise that provides individual and group training classes in a state-of-the-art facility the likes of which are normally found on the campuses of the biggest schools and in the training centers of the best professional sports teams. Our trainers provide instruction in basic athleticism, advanced cross-training and fitness, and targeted workouts to improve overall performance. D1 Training franchise owners deliver advanced athletic training to clients of all ages, from team conditioning for the junior high football team to strength and endurance classes for individuals looking to improve their overall health. Customers pay more for D1 memberships than other big-box gyms. Here are just a few of reasons why.

D1 Training couples expert trainers with athletes of all ages and levels of experience

Growing interest in youth sports is one factor that drives D1 Training’s growth. Families are investing billions of dollars a year in their children’s athletic participation, from travel sports to high school football. When they witness training at D1, they become members.

“We call these families the ESPN family,” Mike explains. “They invest heavily in their kids’ sports, and they don’t think twice about joining a gym where they can all take part in the rigorous, professional training we provide. We’ve got families who’ve been members for years, and as their kids mature, they continue to take part.”

This multi-year approach is due in no small part to the various training programs D1 Training offers. Beginning at the Rookie program for 7-11 year olds all the way through the NFL Combine, D1 Training has a level of participation that’s perfect for any athlete at any stage in their training. We even offer a boot camp to help adults get into better shape and on track quickly.

D1 Training franchise combines elite training with sports medicine

A key aspect of the training programs found in Division I schools is the presence of sports medicine and physical therapy professionals. Many D1 Training franchise locations choose to include our optional sports medicine and therapy programs in their franchise operation plans.

“When an athlete is injured, they need the guidance of experienced professionals to help them return to peak condition without losing ground during recovery,” Mike says. “In college programs, there are physical therapists on staff to help guide recovery. D1 Training is no different. In many cases, people come to D1 injured in order to heal — and they remain members long afterwards to stay in shape.”

Just ask Brian Mohr LINK TO VIDEO HERE. That’s how he came to D1 Training, and today he’s one of our proud D1 Training franchise owners.

Sports communities form around their local D1 franchise

No matter the size of the community in which D1 Training opens, our fitness franchise becomes a community hub for athletics and sports training. Our coaches are leaders in their field, and our members — who we call athletes — are our best brand ambassadors.

“As your facility’s reputation spreads through the community, people start to notice the D1 brand,” Mike says. “Pretty soon, through community outreach at recreation centers and local schools, and through participation in community sporting events, D1 becomes synonymous with the local sports scene.”

The more people who see D1 athletes in the community, the more they want to be a part of it. The result is a dynamic sports and fitness franchise that grows organically and attracts members who are willing to pay more for the elite athlete experience. Your gym earns more revenue with fewer, more dedicated members, meaning you can focus your efforts on helping people achieve their goals instead of chasing after the next $10 membership fee.

Bring D1 Training franchise to your community

You can bring the benefits of D1 Training to your community today. With an initial investment starting at just $223,560, D1 Training is a unique standout in the explosive fitness franchise industry. Apply to become the next D1 Training franchise owner here.

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