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On August 7th, 2017

CNBC Reveals Secrets Behind D1 Training Franchise Growth

Founder reveals to business news site why D1 makes a great franchise In a recent piece on CNBC.com, reporter Leah Ginsberg recounts how our founder, Will Bartholomew, grew D1 Training from a single location into a $20 million company in just 16 years. Will’s passion for athletic training drove him to overcome an NFL career-ending ...

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On July 6th, 2017

How this NFL hopeful turned a career-ending injury into a $20 million-a-year business

Will Bartholomew's career-ending injury led him to build this $20 million-a-year business, and forever changed his life as well as countless others.

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On July 5th, 2017

How D1 Training Is a Different Type of Fitness and Gym Franchise

We combine elite athletic training, physical therapy and sports medicine for a powerful fitness business unlike any other.

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On June 21st, 2017

Why Former NFL Player Taylor Scott Chose D1 Training Franchise

When Taylor Scott’s career in the NFL and CFL came to a close, he knew he wanted to go into business — and one possible business stood out.

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On March 29th, 2010

Taylor Scott: Supporting Athletes of All Skill Levels in Tampa

We spoke with Taylor Scott, Owner of D1 Tampa. Tell us a little about yourself. What did you do before joining D1? I played defensive end for the Toronto Argonauts from 2010-2012. I have always been a meathead at heart. I hold almost all the weight room records in my college- I just love the ...

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